Londerzeel, Belgium—The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) authority has listed claims for soy phosphatidylserine from Sharp-PS based on acceptance of the self-notification process, according to a press release.

Food companies can now include Sharp-PS, produced by IFF, in products with the claim “Maintenance and/or improvement of cognitive function and brain health.”

Pinni Raveh, Sales Manager for IFF Health (formerly Frutarom Health), said in the release: “The ability to include brain health and cognitive claims with Sharp-PS is exciting and creates a unique opportunity for IFF and for better-for-you food and beverage makers in Australia and New Zealand.”
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Itay Shafat, Ph.D., Product Manager for Cognitive Line at IFF, added: “The benefits of PS consumption have been demonstrated in numerous clinical and pre-clinical studies, leading FSANZ to link its consumption to these benefits. As the interest in brain health and cognitive capabilities continues to rise within the aging global population, the timing of this approval could not have been better.”

With regards to its use in food formulation, Shafat added: “Phosphatidylserine is ideal for inclusion into food and beverage matrices, as it has no taste or smell and does not affect mouthfeel. As part of the IFF family, we can now serve customers a complete set of solutions, from taste modulation systems, through natural colors, food protection, health ingredients, and more—all to create unique products that will answer consumers’ needs.”