Chicago, IL—ADM announced in a press release that it has acquired Yerbalatina Phytoactives, a natural plant-based extracts and ingredients manufacturer. The company has also updated their corporate identity.

Yerbalatina, based in Brazil, uses proprietary cool-drying technology to produce a variety of extracts and ingredients for customers in the food, beverage, and health industries. Its products include functional nutrition and health ingredients, organic food colorings, organic powdered fruits, organic vegetable milks, and organic nutritional extracts.

Vikram Luthar, President of ADM’s Health & Wellness business, said in the release: “ADM is a global leader in nutrition, and we are proud to be at the cutting edge of many of today’s trends, including those toward fortified foods, beverages, and supplements that enhance health and come from natural sources. Today, we’re adding to our ability to meet those important needs for our customers. Yerbalatina’s wide array of natural botanical extracts—including organic-certified ingredients—combined with their R&D capabilities and market expertise, are exciting additions to our pantry as we continue to build our leadership position in science-based microbiome solutions for human and animal health.”
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Vince Macciocchi, President of ADM’s Nutrition business, added: “More and more consumers are turning to foods and supplements to help enhance health and wellness, and we are continuing to build a leadership position in that important market segment. The global retail market for foods, beverages, and supplements that support health & wellness is estimated at $750 billion, and growing. From prebiotics and probiotics to enzymes, botanical extracts, and nutritional oils, the breadth and depth of our expertise and our portfolio ensure that our customers have everything they need to lead in this space. The addition of Yerbalatina represents yet another tool in our portfolio as we continue to unlock the power of nature to enrich the quality of life.”

This acquisition is the latest in a long line of portfolio adjustments, notes a second press release, and given ADM’s evolution, the company has updated their brandmark and corporate tagline, which is now “Unlocking nature. Enriching life.”

Juan Luciano, ADM Chairman and CEO, said in the release: “ADM’s ongoing evolution provides us with an opportunity to evolve ADM’s purpose and identity aligned to the role we play in an ever-important industry. Building upon our history of leadership in agricultural transportation and processing, our exponential growth in human and animal nutrition, and our leading-edge innovation and customer-focused solutions—with an ever-present foundation of nature—we are delivering on a noble purpose that is powerful, modern, and aspirational. We unlock the power of nature to enrich the quality of life.”