Ann Arbor, MI—HealthTech BioActives has developed an active form of B12, MecobalActive, which is produced sustainably to avoid negative effects on the environment, according to a press release.

Cai Berg, President of Berg Nutrition, exclusive U.S. distributor of MecobalActive, notes in the release that the production of the methylcobalamin form of B12 can require the use of volatile chemicals. MecobalActive is produced using dimethyl carbonate, which is non-toxic and creates a harmless biodegradable byproduct. It is also, Berg notes, very shelf-stable.
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The release cites The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which found that 3.2% of adults 50 years of age or older have seriously low B12 levels, and up to 20% may have a borderline vitamin B12 deficiency. It’s also a particularly important vitamin for vegetarians and vegans, since plants don’t produce B12.

B12 is necessary to support cognitive and nervous system health. Deficiency symptoms may include anemia, weakness, fatigue, numbness, or difficulty walking, to name a few.

“MecobalActive is the most sustainable ingredient due to its low impurity profile,” says Berg. “It is very clean and its patented production process is the safest way of producing the finest source of vitamin B12. The environmental impact is a huge value add for companies looking for a vitamin B12 ingredient that supports a corporate sustainability message and brand as well.”