Salt Lake City, UT—The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) welcomed 13 new companies in a press release.

Loren Israelsen, UNPA President, said in the release: “25 years after the historic passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, this diverse group of new UNPA members accurately represents the elevation and expansion of the dietary supplement industry. We look forward to the contributions of these innovative companies to the organization, and we warmly welcome the expertise and insights they provide our members and the broader industry as we work to maintain and grow the trust of the dietary supplement consumer base.”
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New Executive Members:

  • Nutrabolt, a nutritional life science company with a line of sports nutrition products distributed in more than 100 countries. Its brands include Cellucor, XTEND, C4, and XTEND BCAAs.
  • Taane Co. Ltd., which has developed a patented manufacturing process to produce a negative hydrogen powder derived from calcium coral. Taane offers bulk capsule and private label services.
  • Trace Minerals Research, which has been manufacturing ionic trace mineral products for nearly 50 years.
  • Uckele Health & Nutrition, a family business that formulates and manufactures dietary supplements for people, dogs, and horses.

New Science & Technology Services Members:

  • Isura, a non-profit natural-health supplement and food-product verification and certification organization.
  • Sensapure Flavors, a custom flavor house which focuses on flavor creation and custom applications work.

New Associate Members:

  • FoodWise One, a diversified, technical-product development and positioning firm for natural, organic specialty foods, dietary supplements, cannabis (medical and recreational), hemp and lifestyle products.
  • Carl Germano Consulting International, which offers expertise in developing products for the dietary supplement, medical food, functional beverage, and natural cosmetic industries.
  • New Leaf Communications, which specializes in the area of natural products and health and wellness, with an emphasis on content development and strategy, content marketing, market research, communications and public relations.
  • Parsons, Behle & Latimer, a law firm has sustained success in delivering exceptional legal service to its clients for more than 137 years.
  • Pure Branding, a strategic consulting, market research and brand-development agency for integrative health & wellness companies—helping dietary supplement, functional food and personal care companies achieve brand clarity.
  • Trontz Integrated Marketing & Design, a creative agency that works with companies in the natural products and healthy lifestyle space. The company has the regulatory knowledge, business know-how and a deep understanding of the “natural consumer.”
  • Wright On Marketing & Communications is available to help people and products tell their stories—strategically—using a variety of creative devices, such as infographics, website content, articles, blogs, brochures, videos, innovative marketing and communications strategies and more.