Morristown, NJ—OmniActive Health Technologies announced in a press release that CurcuWIN, an enhanced absorption curcumin extract, is nowNon-GMO Project Verified.

The release noted that consumer demand for non-GMO options is growing, and cited a Nielsen survey from 2016 that showed that 50% of North Americans try to avoid GMOs in their food.

Brian Appell, marketing manager at OmniActive, said in the release: “As we further differentiate our portfolio of branded ingredients to support various health benefits, we looked at what is also driving purchasing decisions and found that trust in the integrity of a product is not only paramount, but also built in multiple layers. This is why delivering quality and safety assurance is a continuous process. Product improvement by going after the highest standard certifications is always ongoing at OmniActive, and this is what drove us to recently obtain not only USP verification but now Non-GMO Project Verified status."

Makrand Bhalerao, VP of quality at OmniActive, said: “Having third-party organizations such as USP and the Non-GMO Project recognize CurcuWIN's quality with their verification seals solidifies it as a true standout in a crowded curcumin marketplace."