Purdy, MO—INS Farms has launched its Elder Pure line of elderberry raw materials, according to a press release.

Elder Pure incorporates five ingredients:
  • Whole fruit elderberry powder
  • Organic elderberry juice powder
  • Elderberry seed oil
  • Elderberry liquid extracts syrup
  • Black elderberry extract powder
Devon Bennett, CEO of INS Farms, said in the release: “Elderberry’s time in the marketplace is here and it is something we have been preparing for. [Three years ago,] maybe 20% of the people we met at trade shows were familiar with elderberry as a consumable product. However, in 2019, thanks to several mommy bloggers and the circulation of natural remedy stories online, most people have at least heard of elderberry before.”

Given it takes four to five years for the plant to provide nutrient-rich elderberry, the release notes, INS Farms’ 100 acres of elderberry, planted between 2013 and 2015, is a level of guaranteed sustainability and supply that many companies cannot match.

The press release adds that previous research has suggested that elderberry has potential for managing cholesterol, boosting immunity, supporting healthy vision, and protecting heart health.