Dunedin, New Zealand and Carthage, MO—Blis Technologies Ltd. and Stratum Nutrition, exclusive North American distributors for Blis Technologies’ ingredients, announced in a press release that probiotic strainBLIS M18has received a FDA “Letter of No Objection.”

BLIS M18 is a strain ofStreptococcus salivariusintended to support the oral microbiome.

The Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) program, as noted in the release, allows companies to submit their determination that a specific ingredient is generally safe when used as intended, a determination which must be supported by research and expert review. A “Letter of No Objection” means that FDA has reviewed the evidence and has no questions or objections regarding the notice.

Chris Haynes, director of global sales for Stratum Nutrition, said in the release: “This is great news and confirmation on an incredible ingredient. BLIS M18 is the type of ingredient that should be on the Continuing Education Unit agenda for every Dentist and Dental Hygienist practicing today. It’s that good.”

According to the release, besides opening up opportunities in the U.S., GRAS status is recognized as a credible safety assessment by other countries and multinational companies.