West Caldwell, NJ—Vitaquest International is launching a comprehensive quality initiative intended to help Vitaquest reach its goal of being an industry leader in overall quality,according to a press release.

The initiative is called TotalQ Commitment to Quality, according to the release, and it draws upon the company’s activities in functions including raw material sourcing, internal QA systems, and ingredient integrity testing, in order to support the 4,000 products Vitaquest manufactures.

The press release says that the TotalQ Commitment is both a “recognition of the physical infrastructure and systems the company currently has in place and a roadmap to work with the industry and customers in the future.” Vitaquest requires all finished products to undergo chemical, physical, and microbiological testing prior to release. All materials undergo spectroscopy or chromatography identification testing, and ingredients that require more than that get extra testing: Probiotics go through genetic ID testing, botanicals go through DNA barcoding.

Patrick Brueggman, CEO of Vitaquest, said in the release: “We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers—whether it’s a new formulation approach, a new delivery system or a new way of ensuring quality and safety. We’re very excited to share TotalQ and our ideas on how we can become a better partner for our customers as they look to build their own brands in the marketplace.”