Basel, Switzerland—Lonza announced the segments that produced success in their Q1 in a press release, news that coincided with the results of Lonza’s Annual General Meeting.

The release states that the strength of quarter 1 performance is due to the success of the Lonza Pharma Biotech and Nutrition (LPBN) segment.

Lonza's newly aligned-Specialty Ingredients (LSI) segments performed below expectations by producing the same amount of sales as Q1 in 2018, according to the release. Lonza also announced that it is aligning the scope of its segments in order to promote synergies, increase operational efficiency, and strengthen market offerings within LPBN and LSI.

“Our Pharma Biotech & Nutrition business continued to outperform," Mark Funk, Lonza Group CEO, stated. "We are investing to further accelerate growth in our core healthcare businesses. We are also constantly innovating with new offerings for our customers and their patients and consumers. In Specialty Ingredients, we are committed to mitigating measures and operational efficiencies to manage the headwinds in the sector and strengthen the segment performance.”

In other news, Lonza's Annual General Meeting was attended by 312 shareholders and led by Albert M. Baehny, the chairperson of the board of directors, according to another release.

Lonza reported that board members pending re-election were all elected for an additional one-year term. Re-elected board members include Baehny as chairperson of the board and Angelica Kohlmann, Christoph Mäder and Jürgen Steinemann as acting members of the nomination and compensation committee.

According to the release, the shareholders supported all motions that the Board of Directors proposed including the remuneration report, binding of votes on the compensation for Board of Directors and Executive Committee, as well as an renewal of the authorized share capital. They also accepted the proposal of a dividend of CHF 2.75 per share that will be paid out on April 26, 2019.