Emeryville, CASCS Global Servicesis partnering with Climate Collaborative as a Solutions Provider, according to a press release.

SCS is, the press release says, an international third-party certifier and standards developer, and works in the climate and sustainability arena. As Solutions Provider, it will share its insights with and support the efforts of Climate Collaborative and its network of committed companies, a roster of climate-focused natural and organic food industry companies who are committed to undertaking bold action on behalf of climate.

Erin Callahan, executive director of Climate Collaborative, said in the release, “One of our core priorities at the Climate Collaborative is to connect companies with tools, resources, and trusted partners and solutions providers in the industry that will enable our network to raise their climate ambitions. In addition to the expertise and services provided by the Sustainable Food Trade Association and OSC2, the Climate Collaborative engages supplementary Solutions Provider partners. We’re so pleased to be partnering with SCS and providing a pathway for our companies to gain access to the expertise and insights they offer.”

Climate Collaborative provides a roadmap and resources for companies in the food and agriculture sector seeking to minimize their carbon footprints, according to the press release. Since it was founded in 2017, 340+ companies have made over 1,300 specific climate commitments.

Linda Brown, SVP at SCS, said in the release, “The Climate Collaborative is a highly effective organization bringing together companies who are demonstrating every day that environmental and climate stewardship is good business. We have enjoyed exchanging information and ideas, and look forward to working with its knowledgeable and environmentally motivated industry network to help these companies innovate and achieve their climate and sustainability goals.”

SCS will be sharing information with Climate Collaborative companies via webinars, articles, and other resources, and will also be providing discounts on key climate and sustainability services.