Vancouver, WA--Bergstrom Nutrition announces that its methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) supplement, OptiMSM®, will now feature the Informed-Choice® logo to represent the company’s commitment to consistency, quality, and safety of its products, according the press release.

The release states that in 2014 Bergstrom Nutrition started to produce and test material under the Informed-Sport® certification for distribution in the EU. Consistent results over the past 4 years have led the company to offer OptiMSM® under the Informed-Choice® certification domestically and outside of the EU.

According to the release, the Informed-Choice® certification assures that OptiMSM® is regularly tested for substances that are prohibited in sport, and that it is manufactured with high-quality standards.

Tim Hammond, VP of sales and marketing for Bergstrom Nutrition states, “Bergstrom Nutrition continues to invest in quality assurance measures so that our customers, and their end-users, can be confident that OptiMSM is safe for all applications, including sports nutrition products used by competitive athletes.”