Basel, CH, and Copenhagen, DK--DuPont Nutrition and Health and Lonza Specialty Ingredients have entered an agreement to manufacture and supply CARE4U™ 2’-FL, a human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), according to a press release.

The release identifies DuPont Nutrition and Health as a world leader in microbial technology and health and nutrition, while Lonza is identified as a leading integrated solutions provider to global consumer health care, nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care industries, and biotechnology. According to the release, both companies are looking forward to what the agreement can do for the advancement of the HMO industry.

John Rea, Global Business Unit Leader at DuPont Nutrition and Health stated, “By engaging strategically with Lonza, DuPont will be able to accelerate commercialization and offer high-quality HMOs to customers and prospects. The collaboration with Lonza will play a key role in DuPont’s business growth strategy by focusing on providing high-quality consumer health and wellness products.”

According to the release, HMOs are naturally present in human milk and support digestive, immune and cognitive development in infants by modifying gut microbiota. It also adds that CARE4U™ 2’-FL is produced through microbial fermentation and contains more than 98% 2’-fucosyllactose, the most ample oligosaccharides in human milk. The release states that the demand for infant nutrition products including HMOs for infant formula is growing in global markets.