San Francisco, CA, and Ludwigshafen, Germany—BASF Venture Capital is investing $2 million into Alchemist Accelerator’s fund,according to a press release.The release says that BASF is allocating at least half towards investments in 3D printing, agtech, material informatics, nutrition, and technology game-changers.

The Alchemist Accelerator seeds 75 startups per year and provides a structured path toward their first customers and fundraising, according to the press release. The 6-month program offers privileged connections to top enterprise coaches, early adopter customers, and investors.

Markus Solibieda, managing director at BASF, said in the press release, “Alchemist has built a strong reputation for attracting the best in the digital ecosystem. We are thrilled to officially join Alchemist as a Limited Partner. Digitalization represents unprecedented opportunities to create value for our customers and develop new business models.”

Ravi Belani, managing director at Alchemist, said in the release, “It is an honor to welcome BASF as a Limited Partner with Alchemist. Some of the most exciting innovations we are seeing are at the nexus of the digital and material—few partners are as equipped to bring expertise in that area as BASF.”