Herentals, Belgium—Kemin Industries recently added BactoCEASE® NV OR Liquid, an organic buffered vinegar solution, to its food safety product line, according to a press release.

Kemin, a provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions for the food and beverage industries, says the BactoCEASE line of products will help meat, poultry, fish, and deli-salad manufacturers offer safe, clean-label products.

Kelly De Vadder, marketing manager at Kemin Food Technologies-EMEA, said in the release, “The addition of a Certisys® certified organic version of BactoCEASE NV OR Liquid in our product selection is a response to the growing European organic food market, which is set to reach USD $39.04 billion by 2020 with a CAGF or close to 7%. Denmark, Sqitzerland, the UK and France account for the biggest growth rate and market share.”