New Brunswick, NJ—New research published in theAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research suggests a brandedTerminalia chebulaextract (Natreon’s AyuFlex) supports joint health.

For three months, 100 healthy patients with joint pain from knee osteoarthritis were organized into five groups, taking either: 500 mg ofTerminalia chebula (TC) twice daily, 250 mg of TC twice daily, 500 mg of TC twice daily plus 400 micrograms of a proprietary chromium complex (PCC, Crominex from Natreon) once daily, the once-daily PCC alone or a placebo. Knee pain and stiffness were assessed using the mWOMAC index and a visual analog scale.

In the end, those taking 500 mg of TC required the least rescue pain medication (acetaminophen). And, patients in this group also had the most significant reductions in mWOMAC scores. The TC–PCC combination group had better results than the PCC group alone. Moreover, the 250 TC group had better mWOMAC scores than the PCC or placebo groups, though the efficacy of TC appears to be dose dependent, the authors suggest.

Published on, 6/9/16