Ankeny, IA—Last winter (November 2012–March 2013), Swanson Health Products employees took part in the Swanson Wellness Awareness Program (SWAP) in which 120 people agreed to take EpiCor (from Embria Health Sciences, based here) to support their immune system. Of those, 72 completed a survey about their experience, and the results have just become available.

Overall, nearly all survey takers (78%) felt EpiCor benefited their health with 67% believing the supplement benefitted their immune health, specifically. Also of note, 82% of the group wanted to continue taking the supplement after SWAP ended.

“The results from the Wellness pilot with Embria demonstrate that employees really found a benefit from, taking EpiCor,” stated Swanson Health Products.

Epicor had previously been used in an employee wellness program in the City of Ankeny with 100 employees. Overall, participants visited a doctor 28% less frequently for cold, flu and upper respiratory illnesses than in the previous year.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2013 (online 10/22/13)