Munich, Germany—A branded eggshell membrane supplement has recently been tested for joint support in an independent clinical trial.The 44 selected trial subjects, all between the ages of 35-95, were seeking relief for moderate and persistent knee/hip discomfort. Studies in the past have linked eggshell membrane to pain relief in osteoarthritis sufferers, with the current belief being that several bio-components in the membrane reduce various pro-inflammatory cytokines, reducing pain. The subjects were administered daily doses of the membrane supplement, provided by ESM Technologies, for a 60 day period, with clinical visits taken prior to and following this treatment. Patients were allowed to take analgesics for pain relief during the course of the study, but they had to record their usage, along with several other items, in questionnaires administered at the 10-day, 30-day, and 60-day marks.

The researchers found statistically significant evidence as early as 10 days, with nearly a quarter of the participants reporting improvement by at least 30%. At the end of the study, this number grew to 59% of the participants considering the supplement’s efficacy to be good or very good, with no serious adverse effects. Analgesic use dropped to its lowest point at the 30 day mark, but rebounded slightly at the end of the study, with 3.59 to 3.86 doses per 30 days recorded on average. The study’s authors concluded that the supplement was quick-acting and safe, and could potentially be viable for osteoarthritis sufferers in the future. This sentiment was echoed by Kevin J. Ruff, director of scientific and regulatory affairs for ESM Technologies. Ruff also was pleased that the results from this independent study mirrored similar trials done by his company.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2014(online 9/30/14)