East Windsor, NJ—Raw materials maker Sabinsa Corporation has announced the formation of a new division devoted exclusively to animal nutrition.

Called VetVitals, the aim of this division is to offer precisely crafted nutrients, flavors, spices, seasonings, enzymes and probiotics to animals and pets worldwide. Shaheen Majeed, marketing director for Sabinsa, remarked that “Given the large percentage on nutritional ingredients that are used in the animal nutrition sector, this is the next logical move for Sabinsa.” According to data on the VetVitals website, 60% of pet owners take dietary supplements, and 25% give supplements to their pets as well.

Majeed also mentioned that Sabinsa currently has more that 100 ingredients for human nutrition, and that the company has about 20 ingredients selected that follow the guidelines from both AFFCO and FDA CFR’s for Animal Nutrition. Curcumin is one major offering they plan to bring to the animal nutrition sector. According to Majeed, “promoted as turmeric, as per AFFCO’s definition, Sabinsa’s C3 Complex and C3 Reduct can bring real innovation to both the animal feed and pet care marketplace.” VetVitals will also bring other ingredients into animal nutrition like ginger, fenugreek, and capsicum. Majeed anticipates a rousing success for this new move, saying, “the proven safety and efficacy of our ingredients position us to expand sales in this area rapidly.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, November 2014(online 9/17/14)