Oslo, Norway—Results of a recently published review article from Nutrients suggests that krill oil is beneficial for a variety of health applications.The researchers, from Aker BioMarine, based here, analyzed data from numerous animal studies looking at krill oil’s benefits for obesity, inflammation, the cardiovascular system, the brain, the kidneys and more. Some studies suggested more pronounced benefits of phospholipid-bound fatty acids over triglyceride-bound fatty acids. Such was the case for brain, heart health and glucose metabolism.

The researchers also state that krill powder may have some specific additional benefits. “Krill powder, because of its high protein content, could also be of interest for the elderly due to muscle loss and frailty,” said Lena Burri, director of scientific writing, Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2015, (online 7/10/2015)