Morris Plains, NJ—Researchers from the Kinesiology University of Calgary in Canada published the results of a new clinical trial in The FASEB Journal suggesting that prebiotics support healthy weight management.

A group of 39 overweight and obese children ages seven to 12 took either a prebiotic chicory root fiber (OraftiSynergy1 from BENEO, based here) or a placebo for four months. The children were given a breakfast buffet at the start of the study and at 16 weeks. The calories consumed during these buffet meals and in food diaries were analyzed.

Overall, those taking the prebiotic fiber had more fullness and satiety. Comparing the buffet meals, this group averaged eating 100 less calories than at the start of the survey. These children also had lower BMI scores.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2015, (online 6/11/2015)