Vancouver, WA—Medicus Research has recently released a poster detailing study results showing that MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) may have applications for providing relief from allergic rhinitis symptoms. Presented at the Natural Supplement Educational Conference, a full research manuscript is currently being drafted, and will be published approximately in March. In the randomized, controlled study, subjects were divided into groups to test the effectiveness of multiple dosage levels of a branded MSM supplement (OptiMSM from Bergstrom Nutrition). After supplementation over a 14-day period, symptom and peak nasal inspiratory scores were taken.

Jay Udani, MD, CEO of Medicus Research, said that MSM “appeared to provide a protective effect against nasal obstruction following standardized allergenic challenge.”  He noted that these effects appeared among multiple dosage levels, with doses as low as three grams daily showing up as effective. Rod Benjamin, director of technical development for Bergstrom Nutrition, was pleased with the results, stating that they supported prior data suggesting MSM may help mitigate allergy symptoms. Combined, Benjamin believes these studies show “that MSM should be studied further for potential uses in mitigating over active allergic response.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, March 2015(online 1/28/15)