A pilot study suggests a branded extract that combines soy-derived phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidic acid (PA) may help those with dementia.

Researchers asked older individuals with memory problems to take a combination of 100 mg of PS and 80 mg of PA (as MemreePlus from Lonza, in Allendale, NJ) or a placebo daily for three months. Those taking the extract (31 people) had far better memory and mood than those taking the placebo (26 people) at the end of the study.

At the same time, a two-month placebo-controlled trial involving the same extract took place with Alzheimer’s disease patients. At the end of the study, 91% the extract group maintained its level of daily functioning (as measured by seven activities), while only 80% of the placebo group had stability and 18% declined.

The researchers suggest long-term studies with the PS—­PA combination to see whether Alzheimer’s patients benefit from the extract over the long term.

The data are published in Advances in Therapy.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, February 2015