Sergeant Bluff, IA—Later in life, some individuals have trouble with muscle loss as a natural part of the aging process. New research suggests supplementation with branded collagen peptides (BodyBalance from Gelita) may help.

Fifty-three older men with sarcopenia (i.e., age-related muscle loss) participated in a 12-week resistance-training program and also took powdered collagen peptides (15 g/day) mixed in water or a placebo. After the study, those receiving the collagen peptides had improved fat-free mass (+4,2 kg compared versus +2,9 kg in the placebo group), isokinetic quadriceps strength (+16,5 Nm compared to +7,3 Nm in the placebo group) and fat mass (-5,4 kg versus -3,5 kg in the placebo group).

“It could be possible that the short post-exercise interval and the rapid digestibility and absorption of collagen peptides following supplementation (15,44) may have supported the post-exercise muscle protein anabolism,” the researchers stated. They added a few other theories for why the collagen peptides affected the muscles: the collagen supported joint comfort allowed the men to exercise better, the collagen peptides improved amino acid delivery or since collagen is rich in arginine and glycine, it supported creatine synthesis in the body.

These data were published in the British Journal of Nutrition by researchers Institute of Sports and Sports Science at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine January 2016, Online 11/19/15