SupplySide West 2015 Coverage

Morristown, NJ—With transparency a key concern for many consumer, PLT Health Solutions launched the PLT360 program at SupplySide West. Devin Stagg, vice president of strategy and business development at PLT Health Solutions, explained, “Trust builds brands.”

The PLT360 program is a promise to customers to deliver four fundamental components with all its branded ingredients: integrity, quality, sustainability and efficacy. Stagg called it “premium customer care for product ingredients.”

Integrity includes a commitment to delivering proper source traceability and identification testing, as well as verifying statements like non-GMO. PLT feels quality should involve regulatory compliance, while sustainability should include ethical sourcing. Meanwhile, PLT says efficacy means all ingredients should be thoroughly researched. “There are no knee jerk reactions,” says Stagg.

PLT says that these four pillars are already part of PLT’s commitment, but PLT360 “is a roadmap for how we plan to, alongside our network of manufacturing partners, continually improve our organization and ingredient portfolio.” 


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2015 (online 10/18/2015)