New York, NY—Those looking for supplements that support attention and focus have even more reason to consider citicoline with the results of a new study.

Some 75 adolescent boys were given a placebo or citicoline (250 mg/day or 500 mg/day as Cognizin from Kyowa Hakko, with U.S. offices in New York, NY) for 28 days. After various attention tests, the researchers determined that individuals taking citicoline had improved attention and better psychomotor speed than the placebo group. The results were somewhat dose dependent, as a larger dose provided even more accuracy on attention tests and decreased impulsivity. No differences in side effects were found among the supplemented or placebo groups.

In a statement from Kyowa Hakko, lead researcher Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, Ph.D., from the University of Utah, said, “This is the first study of its kind that has examined the effects of Cognizin citicoline in an adolescent population—natural supplementation is key, especially during adolescence, when the brain’s frontal lobe is still in development.”

These data are published in the Journal of Attention Disorders.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, October 2015 (online 9/4/2015)