Followers of the clean-food movement can add some new recipes to their arsenal with Eat Clean Live Well ($30.00, 293 pp) by Terry Walters. Focusing on minimally-processed, healthy foods, this cookbook is organized not by traditional categories, but by seasons, with Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter sections all focusing on seasonal ingredients. Some of these include Spring Minestrone with Baby Artichokes, Roasted Tomato Salsa, and Cauliflower Steaks with Ginger, Turmeric, and Orange, and Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Peas and Chard. This book also serves as a healthy lifestyle guide, with tips on how to find the best produce and integrate clean food into your lifestyle, including making it appealing to children.

Sterling Publishing Co., 387 Park Ave. S., New York, NY, 10016-8810,

Published by WholeFoods Magazine Online, 12/10/14