NielsenIQ has released a new Global Health and Wellness Report, with a focus on seven key future forces that could influence health and wellness over the next 5+ years.  “The future of health-focused products will center around people, the plant, purpose and prosperity," said Genevieve Aronson, NielsenIQ Global Head of Thought Leadership, in a press release. "Consumers want products that help them maintain their own health, connect with others, and live a well-rounded life--while keeping sustainability and ethics in mind."

The seven keys, as outlined in the release: 

  1. Rapid tech adoption. The experts at NielsenIQ anticipate more consumers autonomously managing and tracking their health needs via smart devices.  
  2. Generational shifts. Economic, financial, and political power will increasingly shift to Millennials and Gen Z over the next 10 years, NielsenIQ predicts. These generations will need to support an increasingly aging population. 
  3. New life outlooks. One impact of COVID-19: Consumers have been inspired to look inward to try to better understand their own needs, preferences, and desires, NielsenIQ notes. This will lead to consumers feeling enlightened to try new and innovative ways to be healthy and well over the next 5+ years. 
  4. Omniconnected communities. As social networks fragment across physical, digital, and immersive metaverse landscapes, NielsenIQ expects needs centered around mental health and social connections to become more important.   
  5. Biological revolution. Advancement pertaining to DNA testing, lab-grown ingredients,  plant-based alternatives, and the emergence of lab-refined supplements will propel health and wellness innovation, the analysts predict.
  6. Agtech advancement. NielsenIQ points to supply chain, safety, sustainability, and labor issues as both challenges and opportunities impacting our current food system. In light of this, companies will increasingly be exploring ways to produce food sustainably and philanthropically.  
  7. Policy, legislation and governance. With rising regulations and controls on some products, NielsenIQ notes, consumers will expect full transparency so they have the information they need to make informed health choices. 
Learn more and download the reporthere.