Health Pioneer Theater(HPT) announced the launch of its weekly videocast, which showcases interviews with natural health movement trailblazers in the 20th century, air every Tuesday at 5 P.M. Pacific. HPT, which is powered by, previews excerpts of video interviews that tell the stories of those who have pioneered America’s return to natural foods and natural living, and includes commentary by executive producers Bonnie McDonald Dixon and Jerry J. Smith. Each live show streams  on Facebook and YouTube and can also be viewed on demand.

Some of the interviews, highlighted in a press release from HRT:
  • Product innovators Patricia Bragg, Brenda Watson, and Dick & Pat Turanskis of GloryBee
  • Pioneering retailers Cheryl Hughes, Howard Pollack, Pat Sardell, and Debra Stark
  • Physicians Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Dr. Jonathan Wright, and Dr. Tori Hudson
  • Herbal legends Michael Tierra and Mark Blumenthal
  • Natural foods torchbearers Robert Tepper, Marta Boyette, and Amber Dennis
"A debt of gratitude is owed to the many pioneers and innovators of the Natural Health Movement," the release notes. "Sadly, most of these men and women are unknown and unappreciated by those that now benefit from their pertinacity." HRT welcomes nominations for pioneers. Call 833-333-1969 or email