On September 18, 2021, grocers, manufacturers, chefs, restaurants, nutritionists, and food enthusiasts from all around the globe will join in the first Miso Day Celebration and help raise awareness with a campaign to Educate, Engage, and Enlighten the worldwide community about the versatility and everyday use of miso as a flavorful, wholesome ingredient.

The initiative calls for people to “Think Outside the Bowl” in efforts to:
  • Educate: Spread the word on what miso is, how it's made, where it originated, and the benefits for wellbeing, and engage people by sharing creative uses in sauces, spreads, dressings, glazes, seasonings, and more. (Get recipe inspo from Great Eastern Sun here.)
  • Engage: Offer special promotions, coupons, incentives to encourage consumers to try miso, offer sampling and demoing, and encourage customers to post their Miso meals on social media.
  • Enlighten: Call out the use of miso in dishes, share creative recipes in e-newsletters and om social media, and promote Miso Happy Hour , with a feature Miso cocktail and appetizer.
For more information on Miso Day, contact Leigh.H@great-eastern-sun.com.
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