Covington, LA—MitoCarnhas partnered with, a global marketplace for nutritional raw materials and other ingredients, to expand reach of its patented L-Carnitine solutions globally, according to a press release. provides factory-direct pricing, data on the origin of ingredients, substantial QA/QC documentation and 24/7 real-time access for customers.

“ is an innovative online e-commerce platform that provides direct access for those interested in MitoCarn,” said Lisa Riedell, Senior Director of Marketing of MitoCarn, in the release. “We understand that ordering high-quality raw materials is typically a complex and time-consuming process. Our partnership with allows us to remove the obscurity of shipping, products availability, etc. We’re very happy about simplifying the process to create a hassle-free experience for our customers.”

Four targeted MitoCarn L-Carnitine ingredients, which focus on optimizing mitochondrial function, are now available at
  • MitoCarn Heart, which MitoCarn says may provide extra energy to heart cells during the metabolic process and helps increase blood flow to the heart and muscles.
  • MitoCarn Brain, which is an Acetyl L-Carnitine compound that helps provide brain cells with the fuel they need to support healthy memory, learning, recall, and cognition levels, according to the company.
  • MitoCarn Sport, which is an L-Carnitine and fumaric acid compound that MitoCarn says helps pumps up workouts, improves endurance and stamina, and renews fatigued muscles.
  • MitoCarn Weight, which the company say optimizes healthy metabolic function and increases insulin sensitivity for easier weight management.
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