Purdy, MO--INS Farmsannounced that the company has launched an "edu-tainment" video series titled “The Elderberry Chronicles," which can be accessed atwww.qualityelderberryweb.com.The focus, according to a press release: to show and tell the story of North American elderberry, from history of use to new research.

The video series will cover a range of topics, including how North American elderberry is grown and cultivated, how it is processed, the story of the ElderPure brand, fingerprint analysis, standardization of biomarkers, Tru-ID testing for authenticity, sustainability, human research substantiating the benefits of North American elderberry and more.

“This deep-dive educational series is for industry (brand partners and stakeholders), retailers and interested consumers,” Devon Bennett, CEO of INS Farms, explained in the release. “Each video is approximately only two to three minutes, making it ‘bite size,’ so we are not asking for a huge time commitment from anyone who is interested in viewing. Long-form videos no longer get the job of education done today--people would rather watch a short video to obtain the knowledge they seek.”
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Brand partners can use the videos to gain marketing presence and substantiate their ElderPure-containing products, Bennett said, adding that INS Farms’ mission is be a leader in producing and supplying premium-quality elderberry ingredients, as well as to be in the forefront of continued education, innovation and research. He also noted that more videos will be added to the site. “And we are happy to partner with current and future customers to create new, compelling video content."