Washington, DC--As part of its modernization efforts, the FDA has a new system for accepting and storing electronic submissions for new dietary ingredient notification (NDIN) and structure/function claim notification (SFCN). The new system, called the CFSAN Online Submission Module (COSM), has replaced the the FDA Unified Registration Listing System (FURLS). Users of COSM will submit the same information as users of FURLS.

FDAannouncedthat users will see a new interface when accessing the electronic portal for NDIN and SFCN submissions, and that information that was stored in the FURLS database will automatically be transferred to the COSM electronic submission portal. Those who currently have draft submissions pending in FURLS must complete and submit their notification within 30 days of initiating the process; after the 30-day period, FDA said, notifications must be resubmitted in COSM for review.

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