Edward & Sons Trading Company, a natural foods company that introduced Miso-Cups instant soup mix and Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk to American consumers, has announced Russell Parker as president.

In addition to enhancing the company’s operational strengths, Parker, who has over 35 years of experience in operations, procurement and marketing, will also collaborate with Edward & Sons’ founder and CEO Joel Dee on “better for you” groceries.

“Russell’s enlightened leadership and strong organizational skills will contribute mightily to our excellent performance, as we continue to serve a growing number of wholesale, industrial and foodservice customers,” said Dee in a statement.

Parker, who co-founded a health food brand called Cadia, has served as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management at KEHE, as senior executive at Nature’s Best for 14 years and has also served for six years as Vice President of Purchasing and Distribution at Whole Foods Market Inc., in which he was also a part of the team which founded the company’s 365 brand.

“Russell’s ability to manage a diverse array of objectives and execute a strategic vision will make Edward & Sons a better company,” Dee stated. "But his greatest strengths may be his respectful demeanor and affirmative leadership style, which empower employees to achieve new levels of professional success. Thanks to his style, his integrity, his skills and his experience, Russell is ideally suited to assume the Presidency of Edward & Sons as we embark upon our next stage of growth."

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 6/17/2016