Company DescriptionProprietary Nutritionals Inc. (PNI), a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., develops and markets patented, scientifically proven ingredients to the nutraceutical industry. Founded in 2000, the company canvasses the industry for ingredients that are ripe for brand building.  The goal for President Dean Mosca is to sustain PNI as a premier marketer of branded ingredients by building strong relationships with marketers, suppliers, manufacturers and related businesses.

Headquartered in Kearny, NJ, USA, Pharmachem is a leading global contract manufacturer and supplier of high quality specialty ingredients, and custom blends. Pharmachem provides advanced ingredient processing services to the nutrition, personal care and pet food industries.

Key Market Areas• Dietary Supplements • Nutrition • Personal Care • Pet Care

Our ingredients span the most sought-after conditions that consumers seek supplementation to support. These include: • Inflammation. • Joint wellness • Women’s health and wellness • Urinary tract and bladder wellness

Major Products/Service OfferingsCeladrin, a proprietary blend of esterified fatty acids, is one of the most effective natural ingredients that supports healthy inflammatory response to address the sensation of pain in knees, especially in the main joints — knees. In studies, adults have shown remarkable benefits of reduced pain and swelling, increased movement and reduction of inflammatory factors when using Celadrin.

For example, results of a double-blind, multi-center, placebo-controlled trial (the most scientifically validated type) published in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology found that Celadrin, when taken orally, improved parameters of aging joints, such as mobility and pain. In this study, 64 participants between the ages of 37 to 77 were given Celadrin capsules. They were evaluated at the beginning, at 30 days and at the end of the 68-day study. Compared to those in the placebo group, participants who consumed Celadrin had more flexibility, less aches and pain and were able to walk longer distances.

In an earlier placebo-controlled study, 40 patients with knee osteoarthritis applied either a Celadrin cream or placebo cream, twice daily for 30 days, and were evaluated for functional performance of their knees — such as knee range of motion (ROM), timed ”up-and-go” from a chair, stair climbing, medial step-down test and the unilateral anterior reach. The results showed improved range of motion of the knees in the Celadrin group, with no improvement in the placebo group — for example, significant improvement was reported in the Celadrin group for the medial step-down test, unilateral anterior reach. The authors concluded that use of Celadrin as a cream is an effective tool ”for improving knee ROM, ability to ascend/descend stairs, rise from sitting, walk and sit down, and unilateral balance.”

Cran-Max® cranberry concentrate is the first dosage-confirmed (500 mg) cranberry product delivering relief with just one capsule per day, compared to 6-12 capsules of other conventional powdered extracts. In a published study, Cran-Max was nearly twice as effective as cranberry extract containing 36 mg of PAC. A second study, published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, has shown that the administration of Cran-Max was comparable to the commonly prescribed antibiotic, trimethoprim, for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections in older women.

Proprietary Nutritionals Inc.265 Harrison Ave., Kearny, NJ 07032 Phone: (800)526-0609, (201)246-1000 outside the U.S. Fax: (201)246-8105 Year Founded: 2000

Key PersonnelDean Mosca, President Lou Mosca, International Sales Manager

Published in WholeFoods Magazine July 2017