German grocer Aldi is expanding its U.S. presence with a remodeling scheme, a new advertising campaign, and a national rollout of its delivery partnership with Instacart.

The grocer plans to spend $5 billion to go from 1,800 to 2,500 stores, reports MediaPost, while remodeling existing stores and expanding fresh food offerings. While the remodels are more upscale, the stores will maintain the minimalist attitude that allows them to keep prices low.

Aldi's first national ad campaign uses the tagline“Shop Differentli.”The first ad shows a mother telling her adult son that Aldi picks only the very best, most special, most precious olives for their olive oil, because precious things should be kept close—and then the camera pans out, showing she has her son in the child’s seat of a shopping cart.

The campaign will have several 15-30 second commercials in the same vein focusing on fresh produce, fish, and meat, according to MediaPost.

Meanwhile, Aldi announced its Instacart partnership will be available in 35 states by Thanksgiving.

Instacart offers a same-day delivery service, in which the customer places items in their virtual cart and Instacart shoppers pick up the items and deliver them at a time specified by the customer.

Aldi ran a successful pilot program, in which Instacart delivery was available to their customers in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago, according to a press release.

Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta says Instacart and Aldi have much in common -- both are “focused on delivering value and making quality food accessible and affordable to everyone.”

Aldi offers a streamlined experience, selling everyday products that fall largely under their own brand with the goal of keeping prices low while ensuring quality.