Greenwich, CT—GoodSAM Foods is launching “Building Networks" in partnership with Colombia-based Luker Chocolate. The goal: provide Colombian youth with skills and resources to teach social media etiquette. GoodSAM also committed to improving three Colombian schools in 2002. The program aims to empower youth in GoodSAM farmer communities to become leaders and advocates for local development and growth. This aligns with GoodSAM’s beliefs of providing food that’s good for you, for farmers, and for the planet. 

“Everything we do at GoodSAM is in the spirit of giving back to people and helping the community,” said GoodSAM CEO Heather K. Terry. "Build Networks was created as a means to help create digital and educational equity in real communities where our farmers live and work."

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“The GoodSAM team has an abundance of international experience in social network to leverage in order to help these rural communities," said Julia Ocampo, Director of Sustainability, Luker Chocolate. "We are optimistic this partnership will help communities connect with the world, share their daily lives, promote entrepreneurship, and continue building our Chocolate Dream together.”

GoodSAM will also provide training sessions to enable technical solutions in rural Colombia, while also building connections in the community.