Deerfield, IL—FoodChain ID has created a Vegetarian, Plant-based, and Vegan (VEG) certification program, according to a press release.

The VEG Program prohibits the use of GMOs, requires the identity of all ingredients to be preserved, and requires traceability of all products and ingredients all the way back to the source.

The Vegetarian standard allows use of milk, eggs, and honey, as long as those ingredients are produced on farms that comply with applicable animal welfare laws, according toFoodChain ID’s website.The Plant-based standard requires products to not use any ingredient/adjuvant/processing aid of animal origin throughout the production process. The Vegan standard is the same as the Plant-based standard, although with the following ethical requirements:
  • Animal testing is prohibited
  • Animals cannot be involved in any phase of production, all the way up to the marketing phase. For example, glues used in packaging may not be derived from animals.

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“Consumers are increasingly turning to a full range of plant-based and meatless products, especially as alternative protein sources,” said Mark Dabroski, FoodChain’s SVP, Commerical Services, in the press release. “This newly established certification is in response to customer demand for a labeling solution that provides greater product transparency. Our VEG certification can be bundled with existing Non-GMO Project Verification and/or USDA Organic Certification for greater efficiency and cost savings for client’s using multiple certifications.”