Baltimore, MD—Tessemae's has announced a new product in partnership with the Jerry Garcia Family. Available starting August 24, 2020, the first co-branded collaboration is a tribute to the rock legend called Cosmic Jerry Sauce. Each bottle features exclusive video footage via an AR experience using the StraxARä app available on the App Store for iPhone/iPad and Apps on Google Play.

"A healthier world starts with what you eat! It's not only the quality of the food that is important but also the intention with which it was made," said Trixie Garcia, the daughter of Jerry Garcia, in the press release. "The Garcia family values Tessemae's commitment to creating all natural and organic dressings and sauces."

The sauce is formulated with the intention of bringing communities together in a healthy way, the release says. Flavor wise, the sauce incorporates a blend of honey, mustard and buffalo sauce with a hint of rich umami and can be used as a dip, dressing, marinade or glaze for fish, chicken, beef, vegetables and more, Tessemae's suggests. It is gluten-free, certified dairy-free, and made with organic ingredients.
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"Cosmic Jerry Sauce is unique, just like Jerry's music," said Greg Vetter, Co-Founder and CEO of Tessemae's, in the release. "Food brings people together, and this partnership allows us to create a community with music. We couldn't be prouder of the partnership with the Jerry Garcia Family and the work we've all put into making this something that honors the legacy of Jerry Garcia with what Tessemae's does best—simplifying food to amplify life."