Chicago, IL— SPINS, in collaboration withInnit, has launched a new tool for retailers interested in streamlining the e-commerce experience for consumers. Retailers can use this product to make better product recommendations, enable recipe- and nutrition-driven shopping, personalized e-commerce, and provide step-by-step cooking assistance, according to a press release from SPINS.

"Consumers are not only ordering groceries online in unprecedented volume, but are spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals," said Tony Olson, CEO of SPINS, in the release. "The struggle is not only to find products that match shoppers' lifestyle, diet, wellness, and preferences needs, but also the ability to connect recipes to shopping lists and product choices to create meal plans and successfully cook meals every day. Together, SPINS and Innit enable anyretail partnerto deliver rich, personalized shopping experiences, creating greater levels of engagement and loyalty by assisting shoppers throughout the entire food journey."

SPINS Product Intelligence Data and algorithms evaluate products for relevance to lifestyle diets, health and wellness choices, allergens, and the presence of desired or avoided ingredients. Innit's software can personalize nutrition advice, enabling consumers to rapidly select the products that match their diet, allergies, and preferences. The two algorithms work together to create a customized shopping experience. Products and meals can be suggested based on profile and shopping history, and retailers maintain full control to promote preferred brands and deals.

"There's a huge opportunity to redefine and improve the way shoppers fill their baskets, removing friction and better supporting their diets and preferences with personalized assistance," added Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Innit in the release. "SPINS and Innit believe personalized e-commerce can make a difference for millions of shoppers."
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