New York, NY--The Fry Family Food Co. is joining the LIVEKINDLY co., a collective of plant-based heritage and start-up brands. According to a press release, the LIVEKINDLY co. is a movement to build a sustainable future, fueled by a $200-million founders’ funding round led by founders, entrepreneurs, and global leaders. 

Brands under the LIVEKINDLY co. portfolio offer consumers non-GMO, plant-based chicken alternatives. In addition to Fry Family Food Co., the portfolia includes LikeMeat and LIVEKINDLY Media, which is focused on embracing a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle. According to the press release, with these investments and an equity stake in PURIS Holding, a vertically integrated player of non-GMO, plant-based ingredients, the LIVEKINDLY co. owns and operates the entire value chain of production.

“This relationship with the LIVEKINDLY co. is Fry's vision continued,” Tammy Fry, International Marketing Director of The Fry Family Food Co., said in a press release. “We are thrilled to be part of this new company that is going to revolutionize the global plant-based food market. The agreement gives Fry’s the opportunity to bring to scale quality plant-based food products which means we reach more customers and change more hearts and minds.”

Wally Fry, Co-Founder of The Fry Family Food Co, added, “Fry’s has been a family-run business from day one when we first started making meat alternatives from our kitchen over 30 years ago. While we’ve grown over those three decades, moving into global markets and offering multiple product innovations, we’ve always remained family owned and run. We are all really excited about this venture and we see it as a coming together of like-minded brands to create a movement for change. The family is still very involved in the business and we will continue to create our award-winning products that our consumers know and love." 
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Roger Lienhard, Board of Directors and Founder of LIVEKINDLY, added the global team is bringing innovation, experience, resources, and scale throughout the plant-based value chain. “It started with bringing together like-minded founders who share a vision for smarter, sustainable living," Lienhard said, "and allows the food industry to better align around the evolving values of consumers who are focused on climate change, animal welfare, and human health.”
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