Emeryville, CA—4track tea is partnering with Rodale Institute to build their collection of “Rodale Institute Approved” products that support healthy, regenerative organic farming practices, according to a press release. This collection recognizes products that have been grown or produced in a way that supports healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet. The latest addition: 4track’s Gone Green Tea.

“We are thrilled to have Gone Green Tea join the Rodale Institute Approved line,” said Jeff Tkach, Chief Impact Officer at Rodale. “Rodale Institute is committed to improving the health of soil, people, and the planet bu growing the regenerative organic movement. The ability to spotlight brands like 4track tea, who go above and beyond in their regenerative practices, is a crucial part of that mission.”
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Gone Green is a spring-grown sencha from Japan, named for the saturated green color of the tea, according to the release. Every tube or bag sold supports Rodale’s mission.

“We’re honored that Gone Green Organic Sencha has been recognized in this way,” said Rich Avella, founder of 4track. “The work Rodale Institute does is so inspiring, and their influence on the organic movement is massive.” The release calls Rodale the “birthplace of the organic movement in North America.”