Salt Lake City, UT—Whole30 is collaborating with the ASPCA through its Whole30 Approved program, making it the first branded dietary program to commit to comprehensive animal welfare standards, according to a press release.

By 2021, all Whole30 Approved products will be required to be certified by an animal welfare program recognized by the ASPCA or, short of official certification, meet rigorous animal welfare standards on farms with third-party auditing to ensure compliance.

ASPCA recognizes products bearing logos from Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World, Certified Humane, or Global Animal Partnership Animal Welfare Certified Levels 2+, as well as plant-based products.
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Melissa Urban, CEO and Co-Founder of the Whole30 program, said in the release: “What we eat impacts not just our own wellbeing, but the wellbeing of farmed animals. The Whole30 program believes—as most Americans do—that animals should be raised with compassion. Our rigorous approval process has always factored animal welfare into our review, but working closely with the ASPCA means our standards will be clearly communicated and easier to enforce, while encouraging more of our partners to obtain meaningful certifications.”

Nancy Roulston, Director of Corporate Policy and Animal Science for the ASPCA, added: “Food businesses tuned into today’s consumer know that demand for high welfare options is growing at a rapid pace. The ASPCA is proud to collaborate with Whole30 and Whole30 Approved brands to impact millions of farm animals’ lives and build a more humane, healthy, and accountable food system.”

To learn more about Whole30’s animal welfare standards,go here.