Image courtesy of Driscoll's.

Watsonville, CA—Driscoll’s documentaryThe Last Harvest,which shines light on the labor shortage and immigration reform, is set to screen at the PMA Fresh Summit as part of the Expo’s first Experience Extension with Films, according to a press release. Attendees will be able to join an in-depth discussion regarding labor on Thursday, October 17 at 9 AM in Room 213B, Level 3, ACC.

The Last Harvestwas produced by Driscoll’s in partnership with studio Farm League. It offers an opportunity to hear the hopes, hardships, and sense of life-purpose in harvesting berries from three independent family growers, the press release says. It explores the issues contributing to agriculture’s labor shortage and proposes possible solutions to overcoming these challenges.
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Soren Bjorn, President of the Americas and Driscoll’s, said in the release: “The Last Harvestis just one small part of our journey to demonstrate our commitment to enrich the lives of everyone we touch across our farming communities. As one of the few brands in a typically commodity-driven agriculture industry, we have the unique opportunity to advance topics, themes and challenges that are otherwise invisible to most consumers. In many cases, strategic collaborations across public and private sectors are needed to improve these larger industry challenges. We support solving systemic issues at a legislative and policy level and continue to be active in timely discussions.”

Earlier this month, Driscoll’s announced that they joined the Corporate Roundtable for the New American Workforce, which works through the National Immigration Forum to provide resources designed for immigrant workers.