Norwalk, CT—Responding to a survey showing that 88% of moms would give children ginger ale for an upset stomach, Reed’s Inc. pointed out in apress releasethat there is “almost no real ginger in conventional ginger ale sodas and certainly not enough for a functional benefit.”

“There is strong evidence showing that real ginger has a number of health benefits including settling stomachs and so much more," said Maya Feller, RD, in the release. She also noted that Reed’s ginger beer does contain real ginger, and is made in a way that maintains the integrity and health benefits of the ginger.

To set the record straight, Reed’s will launch the “They Fooled Your Mom” campaign timed with Mother’s Day. The campaign aims to shine a light on moms’ “shock and dismay” at learning the truth, while highlighting Reed’s focus on real ginger. It will reach consumers via social media, streaming video, in-store, and radio. It will kick off with a Times Square New York City takeover, and then move to other major markets, including Boston and Seattle.

Val Stalowir, CEO of Reed’s, said in the release: “It’s eye-opening that 62% of moms in our survey said they would select a ginger ale soda over other mainstream sodas because they think it is a healthier choice; and nearly three out of four believe it is a healthier choice because it has real ginger and that’s simply not the case. Our marketing team felt it was important to dispel this ongoing ginger ale myth and make sure moms—and everyone for that matter—know exactly what they are and aren’t getting in their and their family’s beverage choices.”

For more on the campaign,go here.