Seattle, WA—PCC Community Markets has made the decision to remove all self-checkout kiosks from their stores,according to KIRO 7.

Heather Snavely, VP of marketing at PCC, told KIRO 7, “Last year, one of the things we did was look at the relationship our shoppers have with our cashiers and our staff. And what we realized was a kiosk doesn’t create community or connections. So we wanted to take those out so that when someone comes into our stores, they have a human connection with someone and an interaction that will make the experience more special.”

KIRO 7 noted that this is the opposite of what many stores are doing: Amazon Go is cashier-free entirely, and at some Walmart, Kroger, and Sam’s Club stores, phone apps can be used to scan and pay without ever stopping at a kiosk.

Snavely said that they’ll build new express checkout lanes to replace the kiosks and keep the lines moving.