GoodBelly, a line of organic probiotic juice drinks manufactured by NextFoods, Boulder, CO, has announced its support for Get Your Guts in Gear, an annual bike ride fundraiser benefiting Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis research. GoodBelly will provide promotional support, and participants in the rides will receive information on the company’s drinks, which include the patented probiotic strain Lp299v.

An effort to get nutritious superfoods into the hands of U.S. soldiers is underway through a partnership between Boku Superfood, Ventura, CA, and the Consumer Wellness Center. For the next few months, every purchase of the company’s products from or will help finance the program, delivering superfoods to active-duty soldiers on the front lines.

In aid to the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disaster, Schiller Park, IL-based Enjoy Life Foods has donated $7,500 worth of its gluten-free, allergy-friendly products. While staples like rice and bread are lifesavers for many, those suffering from celiac disease and other allergies are in need of these special diet products.

Dream Foods International, Santa Monica, CA, donated close to 70,000 units of its organic Volcano Lime Burst squeeze bottles to Feed The Children, an organization that has sent over 50 truckloads of products and supplies to families devastated by the tornadoes affecting the South.

To commemorate the unveiling of its new combined plant and corporate headquarters, The Manischewitz Company, Newark, NJ, invited guests like Israeli Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger and Newark Mayor Cory Booker to the creation of the world’s longest matzo, which measured approximately 24 feet and weighed nearly 30 pounds.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2011