Marlton, NJ—In July, Consumer Reports released an analysis that found the sugar content in Whole Foods Market’s private label Greek yogurt is far higher than the amount listed on the package. Now, lawsuits have been filed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts on behalf consumers over the allegedly misleading labels.

Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Plain Greek Yogurt, sold at stores nationwide, lists its sugar content as 2 grams per 170 gram serving. The lawsuits say testing has found the actual level to be 11.4 grams per serving, on average. The chain released a statement to Consumer Reports saying that these results differ from their own testing results from a reputable third party lab, and that they will investigate the matter. The Greek yogurt remains on store shelves with its sugar content listed at 2 grams.

The report noted that despite the discrepancy, the chain’s Greek yogurt is still a nutritious product, rich in protein and calcium, and on par in terms of sugar content with other brands of Greek yogurts.

The Pennsylvania and New Jersey lawsuits were filed by the firm DeNittis Osefchen, which previously made news when it filed a class action suit against Subway over the length of its “footlong” sandwiches.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, October 2014 (online 8/18/14)