New York, NY—The Specialty Food Association, based here, has created a foundation with the goal of relieving hunger and improving food recovery efforts. The new Specialty Food Foundation, which has applied for 501(c) 3 non-profit status, will use grants, education and special industry events to pursue its mission.

The group says it plans to hold its first event in October 2014 and to make its first grants in December 2014. Members of the Association will be encouraged to support anti-hunger groups in their local areas for Embrace Hunger Relief Day on October 10.

The Foundation began accepting Letters of Inquiry from organizations seeking grants in July. Those groups whose mission and approach are deemed a fit will be invited to submit formal grant proposals, which will then be reviewed by the Foundation’s staff and board of directors. The Foundation says it will likely make 10 grants in its first year with funds gifted to it from the Association.

The Association says this new effort reflects the entrepreneurship and anti-hunger work already engaged in by many of its members. The vision statement for the Foundation reads, “A community of social entrepreneurs breaking the hunger cycle and enriching life.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2014