Aker BioMarine Antarctic US, Inc. – www.akerbiomarine.com (see ad)
Alpha Packaging – www.alphap.com (Expo East booth #6521) (see ad)
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America’s Finest Inc. – www.afisupplements.com (see ad)
American Flatbread – www.americanflatbread.com (see ad)
American Health – www.americanhealthus.com (Expo East booth #5025) (see ad)
Ancient Essence, Inc. – www.ancientessence.com (see ad)
Au’some Inc. – www.ausometreats.com (Expo East booth #1606) (see ad)
Auromere – www.auromere.com (see ad)
Barlean’s – www.barleans.com (Expo East booth #5013) (see ad)
Bluebonnet Nutrition Corp. – www.bluebonnetnutrition.com (Expo East booth #5826) (see ad)
Bragg Live Foods Products – www.bragg.com (see ad)
Carlson Laboratories, Inc. – www.carlsonlabs.com (Expo East booth #4713) (see ad)
ChicoBag Co. – www.chicobag.com (Expo East booth #3512) (see ad)
Conceived By Nature – www.conceivedbynature.com (see ad)
Continental Vitamin Co./Superior Source – www.superiorsource1.com (Expo East booth #5108) (see ad)
derma e Natural Bodycare – www.dermae.com (Expo East booth #3717) (see ad)
Diva International Inc. – www.divacup.com (see ad)
Domino Specialty Ingredients – www.dominospecialtyingredients.com (Expo East booth #522) (see ad)
Eden Foods, Inc. – www.edenfoods.com (Expo East booth #822) (see ad)
Enzymotec Ltd. – www.enzymotec.com (see ad)
Extracts and Ingredients, Ltd. – www.morretec.com (see ad)
Fairhaven Health – www.fairhavenhealth.com (see ad)
Florida Crystals – www.floridacrystals.com (Expo East booth #522) (see ad)
Frey Vineyards – www.freywine.com (see ad)
Gluten-Free Certification Organization – www.gfco.org (see ad)
Green Rabbit, LLC – www.mimiccreme.com (see ad)
Hair Doc/Bass Brushes – www.thehairdoccompany.com (Expo East booth #3715) (see ad)
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Lonza Inc. – www.lonzanutrition.com (see ad)
Mushroom Wisdom, Inc. – www.mushroomwisdom.com (Expo East booth #5223) (see ad)
Nancy's Springfield Creamery – www.nancysyogurt.com (Expo East booth #1128) (see ad)
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Natural Factors – www.naturalfactors.com (Expo East booth #4813) (see ad)
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Natural Products Association Southeast/SOHO Expo – www.southeastnpa.org (see ad)
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World Organic Corp.– (800)926-7455 (see ad)
Xlear Inc. – www.xlear.com (Expo East booth #4507) (see ad)

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2011