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New from National Enzyme Company is BioCore® Fruggie FVE, a proprietary blend of superfruits, vegetables, greens, botanicals and enzymes. This combination offers several phytonutrient benefits including antioxidant capacity and energy boosting along with liver, immune and digestive support. In addition, this supplement also contains ActazinTM, a clinically studied supplement ingredient derived from New Zealand green kiwi fruit to provide further digestive support through a four-way action: prebiotics, fiber, polyphenols and enzymes. This soy- and gluten-free nutrient blend can serve as a pre-mix to an encapsulated product or powder drink mixes.

National Enzyme Company’s BioCore® Fruggie takes all of the nutritional properties of BioCore® Fruggie FVE and turns it into a powdered superfood drink for maximum convenience. In addition to containing more than one-third of the industry-identified superfruits, this drink also has 20 other nutrient-rich ingredients and 10 enzymes to increase the bioavailability of the ingredients. BioCore® Fruggie is infused with a natural mixed-berry taste, and maintains the soy-free and vegetarian-friendly status of BioCore® Fruggie FVE.

H3XGTM from National Enzyme Company is a supplement designed to benefit a healthy weight management regimen with ingredients that support satiety and thermogenesis while helping control appetite. H3XGTM contains garcinia cambogia extract, green tea and green coffee extracts and several other proven ingredients to provide a strong complement to healthy dieting and exercise. H3XGTM is available as a powder, capsule or bottled product.

ActazinTM is a registered trademark of Anagenix Limited.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2014